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Comilla Cadet College

CCC (Comilla)

Comilla Cadet College

Short History of Comilla Cadet College 

Comilla Cadet College (CCC) was founded near the historic Moinamoti Bouddha-bihar in Kotbari, Comilla on July 1, 1983 . It is the youngest of the ten cadet colleges. Like the other five post-1971 liberation war cadet colleges, CCC was also modified from a Residential Model School . The campus was made standard within a mere nine months by a skillful panel of educators and military officials including the founding Principal Lt. Col. Nurul Anwar (now Rtd.), Vice Principal Mr. Ashraf Ali, Mr. Nurul Haque, Taslim Uddin, Akhtar Alam, Humayun Kabir, Abdul Jabbar & Kamal Uddin Mohammad.  

The then Adjutant General of Bangladesh Army, Maj. Gen. Abdus Samad, psc . officially opened CCC on April 7, 1984 . That very day, CCC greeted 150 cadets in 3 random intakes. On May 18th, fifth intake and on November 22nd, second intake followed. The subsequent arrival of sixth intake later in the year satisfied the enrollment need of three hundred and CCC began its journey in full swing.  

Despite its short existence so far, CCC is hailed as one of the greatest institutions of pre-university education in Bangladesh . A military preparatory school, CCC has numerous graduates join the country’s armed forces – some even go on to achieve the highest accolades such as Sword of Honor or Osmani Shornopodok at Bangladeshi military institutes. Academically, few other schools in the region have come close. There have been years when CCC cadets secured more than fifteen top positions in national high school tests. This tradition of excellence continues.

Natural Beauty, Environment and Surroundings of Comilla Cadet College

Comilla is a major city in Eastern Bangladesh and is home to half a million people. Comilla is known for its scenic beauty, rolling hills, tropical woods, sweet delicacies, high literacy and military garrisons. CCC is located in the nearby suburb of Kotbari and is surrounded by high walls and guarded gates. Around the campus are picnic sites, shalbon forests, the only Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD), a World War II cemetery, and the historic Mainamati-Lalmai complex.

Mainamati-Lalmai is the center of a Buddhist civilization that flourished from 7th to 12th Century AD. As many as fifty spots have been marked of which some have been dug out from under the soil of a range of low hills known as Mainamati-Lalmai Ridge. The excavations have immense archeological and cultural importance especially in the field of studies of Buddhism. The sites include a museum with a collection of historical artifacts found at the excavation sites. Besides occasional tours, the cadets can see the museum and the historic site from their dorms. On a windy day, the smell of picnic meals and faint music from the shalbon woods would join the vista and slice open the high college walls – a brush of freedom, an early taste of vacation. 

Location and Size of CCC Campus

CCC is located in Kotbari, Comilla about 8 kilometers from the heart of Comilla town. One single paved road connects the campus to town and to places of interest in the vicinity. Most of the college’s land, properties and buildings are protected by concrete walls and patrolled gates.  

CCC owns approximately 35 acres of land which includes cadets’ residences, staff quarters, academic buildings, mosque, dining hall, storage facilities, a hospital, one fishpond, sports facilities, administrative offices and so on. The campus is very self sufficient in most aspects. However, critically ill cadets are offered advanced care at the nearby Combined Military Hospital (CMH).

Comilla Cadet College Motto

Pronunciation:          Gannie alo

Translation:             Knowledge is Illumination

Significance:            Proper education spreads literacy, minimizes prejudice, broadens mind, and illuminates humanity. Cadets are taught in ways academic, practical and spiritual so they are better equipped to face life. 


Contacts of CCC High Rank Officials:



Phone Number


A M Amjad Hussain Wing Commander


Vice Principal

Mr S K Bazlur Rashid



Major Md Abdul Gaffar E Bengal



Comilla Cadet College
Kotbari, Comilla


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