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Jhenidah Cadet College

JCC (Jhenidah)

Jhenidah Cadet College


Motto: The Learned are Judicious. (Sushikhwito jon-e Subibechok - সুশিক্ষিত জনই সুবিবেচক)


     Established: 1963

     Opened: 1965

     Color(s): Dark Green

     Area: 101 acres (41 ha)

     Number of Houses: 03


     Badar House Named after the battle of Badr between Muslim and Quraish; Motto: Ever Radiant in Deeds (কর্মে চির দীপ্ত);     Colour: Green

     Khaiber House Named after the battle of Khaiber; Motto: Austere Devotion to Work (কর্তব্যে কঠোর ব্রত); Colour: Blue

     Hunain House Named after the battle of Hunain; Motto: Concentration in Meditation (সাধনায় একনিষ্ঠ); Colour: Red

Jhenidah Cadet College (JCC) is a boarding school, located in the outskirts of Jhenaidah, Bangladesh. It is one of twelve cadet colleges of Bangladesh. JCC is an education institute and famous for outstanding result in countrywide Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) board examination. Each year, a good number of students take place in the merit list (top 20 students) or cGPA 5 merit list.


Students get admitted in class VII (7th Grade) at the age ranging 11 to 12 years. The governing body of cadet college is responsible for taking the countrywide admission test and lastly selects top 50 students. The selection process is very rigorous having written, viva and medical tests. These 50 students will study here till class XII (Higher Secondary). Some students may be turned out for irregular academic result or indiscipline.

Cadet college is a fully residential school. Cadets get four vacations totalling 100 days in a year called term break.


There is a large academic building where the cadets do their classes and study during prep time. Cadets live in three student hostels (houses) - Badr house, Khaiber house and Hunain house. Daily five times meals are served in the college dining hall which has a capacity of 300 cadets. Usually cadets say their Magrib and Jumma prayer in the beautiful college mosque. All officials of cadet college live in the college premises. The principal has two storeyed house, while the vice principal, adjutant, medical officer, teachers all have one villa each to reside.

Cadets have adequate facility for sports. Five basketball, eight volleyball, six football, two cricket, one hockey and a huge athletics ground provide huge sporting facilities to them. Having these grounds the playground is large grassy area in the center of the college. Playing any of the above games is compulsory in the afternoon. There is a dairy firm to serve pure dairy product for the cadets. A hospital, bank, post office, tailor shop, a workshop serve the utilities for the cadets. Cadets have a mandatory medical checkup at the start and end of every term. [[File:]]


Cadet Colleges are run by Bangladesh Army. So discipline is a key feature of the institution. Day activities of cadets may be,

0515 - get up from bed

0545 - Fall in

0600 - Physical Exercise/Parade

0700 - Fall in then to Breakfast

0730 - Fall in then go to academic building and Morning Assembly

0800 - Regular Classes Starts

1115 - Morning Tea Break

1300 - Classes ends

1315 - Fall in and go to Lunch

1350 - After Lunch rest time

1500 - Fall in and Afternoon Study Preparatory time (Afternoon Prep), During winter cadets are exempted from this

1615 - Afternoon Games Fall in

1630 - Afternoon Games Starts

15 minutes to Sunset - Fall in and go for Evening (Magrib) prayer

1900 - After Prayer, fall in and go to Evening Study Preparatory

2030 - Dinner

2200 - Night Study Preparatory time ends

2245 - Lights in Student Dormitory is OFF and get sleep.

Cadets have strong dress code and uniform for all their activities. Breaking the discipline is a prime cause of turned out from cadet college.


Principal - Lieutenant Colonel of Bangladesh Army or senior teachers promoted from vice principal. Adjutant - Major of Bangladesh Army or equivalent from air force or navy Teachers/Lecturer - for different subjects Medical Officer - Major from Bangladesh Army Medical Corp. Supporting employee - Army's Non Commissioned Officers and Civilians

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