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Mymensingh Cadet College

MGCC (Mymensingh)

Mymensingh Cadet College

Motto: Knowledge is Power

Location: Sehra, Mymensingh town, Myemsingh


     Established: 1983 at Mymensingh town

     Opened: 1983

     Color(s): Green

     Area: 23 acres (93000 m2)

     Number of Houses: 03


     Sattya House Named after Truth
      Motto: Truth is Beauty
      Logo: Candle

      Colour: Green

     Shanti House Named after Peace
      Motto: Know Thyself
      Logo: Pigeon

      Colour: Red

     Shadachar House Named after Well Behaviour
      Motto: Work is Life
      Logo: Lamp

     Colour: Blue

Mymensingh Girls Cadet College is a military high school for girls, located in Mymensingh town, Bangladesh, near Charpara.


When Bangladesh and Pakistan were a joined country, Pakistan Military Force established some Cadet Colleges in West Pakistan (now Pakistan) and some Cadet Colleges in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). After the Bangladesh liberation war in 1971, Bangladesh Armed Forces established six more Cadet Colleges. Mymensingh Girls Cadet College was one of the six cadet colleges established in 1984. It is situated in north eastern part of Bangladesh in Mymensingh district, and is the first girls' cadet college in Bangladesh, and was for 20 years. Since 2006 however, two more have been established. Academically it is a one of the best colleges in Bangladesh. Its total area is about 21 acres (85,000 m2).


They have won the 7th National English Debate Championships.


Like other Cadet Colleges, the result is also excellent for both Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC). Usually most of the students take Science but a few take Arts. More than 98% of the students get A+ in SSC and HSC.The 29th,28th, 27th and 26th batch are students of Science. They are bound to serve for the welfare of the country

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